How to Use Flexible Metal Tack Strip / Curve Ease / Pli Grip

Are struggling with applying curve ease to your upholstery project? Here are several videos that will show you how curve ease is used in different furniture pieces. Curve ease is used for closing up the outside backs and sometimes outside arms of furniture. When you don’t have a straight line, curve ease can be used to get a seamless finish.

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How To Plan For Pattern Match

In this video I will share with you the skills and techniques that I use to plan out my pattern matching and placement for my upholstery projects. I will show you how you can plan all the pattern placement before you cut your fabrics. Using this method you can start with upholstering your deck and know that your cushion and inside backs will line up properly.

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Replacing Foam for an Existing Cushion

In this skills video we will demonstrate how to measure an existing cushion cover for a new foam insert. The cover used in this video required a 4.5” high density firm foam insert. We will add a layer of bonded Dacron to the foam for the look and feel requested by client. Kim will show you how to cut the new piece of foam and attach the Dacron. You will also see how Kim uses a vacuum and plastic to assist in placing the new foam in the existing cover. This video is 23 minutes long

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Rolled End Arm

In this video you will learn the techniques used to upholster this Rolled End Arm. We will apply sagless as a support for our arm. I will teach you how I pad and attach the top panel of the arm before moving onto the inside arm. I will teach you the skills needed to attach the cording, fabric and cardboard tack strip. Next I will show you how we pad the inside arm using cotton and Dacron. Lastly we will finish attaching the fabric to complete the upholstery of this rolled front arm.

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Making The Cuts

In these Upholstery Skills Videos you will see the cuts made to upholster each piece. The video is designed so you can see the frame components without being obstructed by the padding and final fabrics. I have designed this so when you are watching one of the other videos on the membership site you will be able to visualize the frame component that I am referring to and understand the logic of each cut.

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Upholstered Skirt

In this Upholstered Skirt Skill Video I will teach the techniques I use to create a tailored skirt. The skirt in this video is for a small love seat and has a finished length of 6.5”. These techniques shown in this vide can be easily applied to any furniture piece. Any beginner upholsterer with adequate sewing skills can easily fabricate a skirt of this type.

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