How To Make a Trapezoid Cushion Cover

Cushions are not always as easy as you think. In this video tutorial on how to make a trapezoid cushion, I will share with you the skills and techniques that I use for sewing this style of a cushion. When sewing and dealing with the fabric bias you can run into several issues. These issues often make the outcome of your project not what you had hoped for.

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Cushion with Cutouts and Invisible Zipper

In these 2 hours of video tutorials you will learn the step by step techniques that Kim has developed to achieve bespoke quality cushions with cut outs. Fabricating a cushion with cut outs can be very challenging, but as you look over Kim's shoulder while watching this video tutorial she will show you how just re positioning the way you use your hands to manipulate the fabric while sewing can make all the difference.

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Replacing Foam for an Existing Cushion

In this skills video we will demonstrate how to measure an existing cushion cover for a new foam insert. The cover used in this video required a 4.5” high density firm foam insert. We will add a layer of bonded Dacron to the foam for the look and feel requested by client. Kim will show you how to cut the new piece of foam and attach the Dacron. You will also see how Kim uses a vacuum and plastic to assist in placing the new foam in the existing cover. This video is 23 minutes long

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Measuring Your Chair for a Cushion

In this video I will show you how I measure my chair to determine the cut size of my foam. How to create a paper template for your foam as well as how to create a template for your fabric including seam allowances. For this project I am using a 3” Ultra Medium foam with a 2.6 density and 35lb. compression. This video does not include the cushion cover fabrication. That process can be found in the Boxed Cushion Cover video with in the membership site.

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