Picture Back Chair

In this beginner upholstery video, you will learn how to reupholster a Picture Back Chair. This tutorial starts with webbing and padding the seat before moving onto reupholstering the inside and outside backs of the chair. The fabrics in this tutorial include velvet upholstery fabric for the seat and working with a large printed upholstery fabric for the back. The final detail in this upholstery project is attaching and making the double welt cord.

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Rolled Arm Chair with Concave Arm Panel

In this video you will learn how to reupholster a rolled arm. I will show you how I pad the arm using cotton and Dacron. We will go through steps to attach the upholstery fabric to the chairs left inside arm. The last step in this video will be padding and upholstering the concave arm panels before we attach them to front of the con-caved arm of this wingback chair. Knowing how to handle these sometimes difficult con-caved arms will ensure you get a smooth looking finish.

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Slipcovering A Rolled Arm Club Chair

In this 4 hour long slipcover tutorial on how to slipcover a rolled arm club chair you will learn the techniques and skills I have developed to create custom fitted slipcovers for your projects. For this rolled arm club chair you will learn how to properly measure your piece, calculate fabric yardages, plan your cuts for the best use of your fabric, pinfit your pieces to your chiar, create symmetrical front arm panels, plan and sew the skirt with an extra detail, sew your slipcover together in the proper order as well as pattern and sew T-cushion.

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Channel Back Chair with Riser Board

In this Channel Back Chair video you will learn the several skills. The project involves adding a riser board before upholstering and padding the deck. You will see how I upholstered and padding the inside arms with decorative wood fronts. I have created 8 equal size channels referring to the old channels for measurements. The two outer channels were creating by attaching them to the frame behind the decorative wood detailing. When closing up the outside arms and wing area I will show you how to plan for a perfect pattern matching detail. We will than close up the outside back before moving onto adding decorative gimp. Once our chair body is finished we will sew a boxed cushion finish our chair with a dust cover. This Channel Back Chair is a bit more of an advanced upholstery project.

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Bergere Chair

In this almost 4 hour video tutorial on reupholstering a Bergere Chair Kim will walk you step by step through the upholstery process. This tutorial will teach you how to pad the seat using cotton and Dacron, adding the fabric to the deck and making the cuts necessary to properly fit the frame. You will also learn how to upholster the outside back, add support and padding along with attaching the fabric for the inside back. Next we move onto padding and upholstering the top of the arms as well as fabricating and attaching the double welt cord. Once the body of the chair is complete Kim’s shows you her method for creating a cushion template. When the template is created we will move onto cutting and fabricating the cushion with cut out details that make a proper fit around the arm and back posts of this Bergere Chair (this is a more advanced style cushion fabrication). You will also learn Kim’s method of installing an invisible zipper for the cushion.

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Martha Washington Arm Chair

In this video Bill will take you through the tear down process. You will see the tools Bill uses to tear down this chair. We will then go through the steps for re-attaching and tying the coil springs using an eight way tie. Once Bill has the springs covered with Burlap and attaches the edge roll, Kim will begin padding the chair using synthetic upholstery cotton and Dacron. We will begin upholstering the seat, followed by the inside back and outside back. You will learn about the cuts used in the reupholstery of this Martha Washington Arm Chair. This video is broken down into parts to enable you to rewatch just what you need.

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Dining Room Chair with Upholstered Back and Seat

In this Dining Room Chair upholstery video tutorial you will learn the steps we used in upholstering this chair. The video begins with your seat support system including sagless and springs. Once we have completed the springing up portion of the seat I will then go into padding the seats before applying the finished fabric...

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Channel Back Chair

In this Channel Back Chair upholstery video tutorial you will see the steps I have taken to reupholster this chair. We will begin with creating and attaching the T-Deck in parts one and two. The next two videos will show the inside arms from padding to fabric. We then move on to sewing the channels for the inside back. Once this is attached we move on to making and attaching the buttons before we move onto closing up the outsides. I will be making and attaching a double welt cord as a final decorative detail before we attach the dust cover and sew the cushion. This upholstery project has 14 individual videos and a running time of 4 hours 45 minutes.

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Antique Side Chair

In this Antique Side Chair video you will learn how to upholster this chair. The video includes upholstering the Synthetic Sagless to the bottom of the chair frame, and attaching coil springs to the Synthetic Sagless using an upholstered Klinch-It Tool. You will learn how to attach the burlap and...

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Antique Corner Chair

In this video you will learn how to attach Synthetic Sagless to the bottom of the chair frame, and how to attach coil springs to the Synthetic Sagless using a Klinch-It Tool. I will show you how to use an edgewire and attach it to the frame and springs before finishing off the springs with an eight way tie. I will also show you how I pad up the seat and hand sew an edgeroll to the edgewire frame. Next I will upholster the seat and attach a boxing strip with welt cord using a hand stitched method. The inside back and arms will be padded and upholstered showing you how to add a decorative button detail to the inside back. Lastly I will hand stitch the outside back before adding a decorative gimp to finish of the arms and back of the chair.

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